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Our Staff

We would like to thank every member of staff at Tumaini for all their hard work, commitment and joy that they bring to the work place. People like Charles and Mary, a vocation more than a job, do so with such a positive attitude that it has an uplifting effect on those around them. In the office, Brenda, Nelly and Becky work long after everyone else has gone home, not because they need to, but because they want to. Mr Ben has a solid foundation with a wealth of knowledge, wisdom & experience. Together they make an awesome team.


Nelly Osaleh
Sponsorship Coordinator


Brenda Kanyasi
Office Manager & Financial Controller


Charles and Mary Osaleh


Mr. Ben
Centre Manager

Jonathan Fondo High School Principal.JPG

Jonathan Fondo
High School Principal

Becky Sakwa Finance and HR Clerk.JPG

Becky Sakwa 
Finance and HR Clerk

Williams Ogolla Primary Head Teacher.JPG

Williams Ogolla 
Primary Head Teacher

The staff at Tumaini appreciate how much Education for Life has impacted their lives and the community and mirror this in their attitudes, regardless of how insignificant their job might seem. There’s a real sense of community within the work place, with people sharing their troubles with each other, meeting for prayer sessions during lunch and sharing meals together.

Their efforts make Tumaini what it is, and for this Education for Life is truly grateful.

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