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Solar Power Project

12 hours of sunshine for at least 10 months of the year, what’s not to like? Our electricity bills!


As with many countries the cost of living has increased, as have electricity costs. We can easily have an electricity bill of $200/£120 a month.


The new education syllabus leans heavily on technology so we have more computers, printers, projectors etc. to power, and during the hotter season fans are essential.


We are perfectly situated to do our bit for the climate as well as reducing costs, which means we will have more money left to help the children and families in our area. It would also help improve education standards as we would miss teaching time when there are power outages. Our school compound would have increased security as there would be no blackouts at night.


We plan to mount solar panels on a frame, our students will the have added areas of shade that they can relax under during lunch and break times,


All this adds up to a win win for our children and the environment they will inherit from us.


Can you partner with us? The initial estimate is $25,000/£15,000. Any donation would help. Please indicate on the donation page that you would like your donation to go towards the solar power project. 

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