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Feeding Programme

In November 2000 we were given £5/$9 CAD and told this is to feed the children. Together with our friend Julie we spent the £5 on beans and maize, Julie provided potatoes, water and firewood so we could prepare a meal of Kitheri. On that first day we fed 50 children, it brought a tear to our eyes to see these children queuing for food. That day there were some very happy faces and full stomachs, the only problem was they came back the next day.

From then we started to feed 50 children every Wednesday, this soon grew to a few hundred every Wednesday and then to a few hundred each weekday.

Today we feed around 650 children each weekday. We try to serve a balanced diet of Kitheri (Beans and Maize), Rice and Vegetables and on a Thursday - Eggs and Rice, which is everyone’s favourite meal. Each child in the school receives lunch and still a few hundred children not in Tumaini come to the school gates for a plate of Kitheri.

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