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Zaida - Share a Cow . . .

Zaidi is a Kiswahili word which means “Abundantly More” it’s the focus of our project in Taita Hills. 


One Child, One Computer

Technology is part of everyday life. Life without a smartphone, tablet or laptop is almost impossible as so much of life requires us to be “online”.


Fresh Water Project

There is no constant piped water supply in the neighbourhood, so Education for Life brings in water as needed.


Female Hygiene

We are addressing some ladies health issues, and we're introducing reusable sanitary pads.


Jiwa - Halfway House

This is primarily for children growing up from the children’s home, as a stepping stone to independence, but it is big enough to accommodate others too.


Feeding Programme

We feed around 500 children each weekday. Each child in the school receives lunch.

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