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Keyboard on a laptop PC

One Child, One Computer

Why is this important & why now? Technology is part of everyday life. Life without a smartphone, tablet or laptop is almost impossible as so much of life requires us to be “online”. Kenya is in the process of introducing a totally new education system, called Competency Based Curriculum or CBC. This new system is a lot more hands on and technology is an integral part of learning.

Technology is no longer just for High School or the Computer Lab, it’s for all, Pre Primary Classes through to Grade 12.


Our existing computer lab has a miss match of around 10 computers, being a mix of desktops and laptops, working with external screens. These computers serve a community of 460 students, which means classes have to be split and students share keyboards and screens.

We are hoping to get to a position where a class of 40 children could each study on their own desktop computer/laptop. We are considering laptops so that we are not restricted to one room and to allow for flexibility of teaching, as required by CBC.

We are not expecting to achieve this overnight so are asking if like-minded people, trusts and organisations could partner, to sponsor an affordable number of laptops.


We plan to buy locally as we are committed to supporting our local businesses and economy so have partnered with Overdrive Consultants (K) Ltd who will supply and maintain technology within the school.


Each Laptop can be supplied at £280

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