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Female Hygiene

What are we doing?

It’s a good question – We would like to address some ladies health issues; to begin with we’re introducing re-useable sanitary pads.

Martha’s inspiration, perseverance and dream birthed our passion for this project, assisting ladies in need, in memory of Martha, a devoted lady with big dreams!

Girls and ladies across the world have at least one thing in common; we all have to face ‘periods’. Some of us have physical challenges, others emotional changes and some suffer regularly with both.

But, have you ever considered that for some girls and ladies around the globe, this monthly ‘visit’ is more than just physical and emotional discomfort?

For many in developing countries, where household budgets just stretch to food (and very little else), buying sanitary protection every month, for every female in the house is a stretch too far. This leaves many girls housebound for up to a week, every month or almost a whole term out of a year.


Girls are working hard to reach their dreams and many are achieving great things; just imagine what they can do, given that extra time to study and continue with life…

This is why ‘Days for Girls’ are working across the world sewing and putting together their amazing kits to give girls back their days! Recently we were sent 200 kits each comprising 2 pairs of panties, a face towel, a bar of soap, 2 zip lock plastic bags and 2 washable base sanitary pads with 8 changeable inserts, all brightly coloured with beautifully soft brushed cotton. The inserts are an inspired idea, they are square, they fold into a rectangular shape to insert into the pad and for heavier days you can easily add another 1 or 2, as needed. And, the great thing is you can dry them discreetly in the sun because they just look like a beautiful handkerchief! Amazing!

Fifteen girls in primary school were chosen to be the first to sample these wonderful kits and they received them with massive smiles! We told the girls to tell their friends how great they are; they’ll be receiving theirs in a few months time, as we are able to get the rest of the kits out to Tumaini.

Thank you so much ‘Days for Girls’ you are wonderful! What you are giving, no one can repay, but your investment in time and talent gives girls all over the world the time they need to reach for their dreams! Thank you!

Please check out the Days for Girls website, you will be inspired. 

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