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Drowning in Fun and Bouncing for Joy!

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015

27-Feb-2015 06:17, Panasonic DMC-FZ150, 2.8, 4.5mm, 0.004 sec, ISO 1250

At the end of last year we received a grant to help us purchase equipment for our children with special needs. Dennis and Molly had a lot of fun going out to buy some items here; some in Nairobi and others were brought from England.

We were very excited to be able to buy 2 iPads, a play tent, a toy kitchen with plastic fruit and other foods, a ball pool and a trampoline (and we’re still shopping)

Children were so excited as they got into the ball pool, Ambrose a young boy with cerebral palsy smiled as he experienced the sensation of the squidgy balls around his body and Harmony and Julius had a blast ;0) Julius has progressed through nursery and primary school with the same class mates and socially he is now a very different young boy. He has become independent, confident within familiar surroundings and able to converse a little in English too. He has now reached the final class of primary school and we are looking for ways to engage him around the school in the future, although we’re sure we’ll have a battle on our hands as his classmates move up to high school at the beginning of next year!

31-Mar-2015 08:28, FUJIFILM FinePix S200EXR, 2.8, 7.1mm, 0.013 sec, ISO 400

There are so many children with physical disabilities who are already starting to benefit from the unit here but we are looking forward to being of greater help to the community in the future. At the moment, wherever we have a space we’re setting up our equipment as we wait for our ‘Special Place’ to be released to us.

One of the young lads Helen works with has complex issues; it’s a challenge to establish the root cause of his difficulties in learning. One day Helen took him to the trampoline and having never seen one before he was a little reluctant, but followed Helen in climbing through the safety net. When I walked into the room I saw them jumping and the smile on his face was infectious as he bounced even trying seat drops. A light was lit and a hurdle jumped as Helen saw this young boy relax and after a few minutes, even show her things to try.

Whilst visiting Tumaini, Stuart and Melanie Knight gave us a game called Jogball. After explaining the game to Jane Fridah (our new SNE teacher) we taught Purity, Elvis and Ezekiel how to play. Anyone in the room had to be very careful with their head as the little wooden bats were waving everywhere!

We’re in very early stages of this work, but already we’re beginning to see the impact this equipment is going to have in awakening the senses that were lying dormant in some children who were floundering in the classroom.

Thank you #happykids

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