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Guess Who?

Thursday, September 18th, 2014
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Do you recognise this nurse?

Many people who have visited Tumaini over the last 10 years will have met Emily Nyongesa. She was raised for several years by Charles and Mary (the house parents in the children’s home) and was sponsored through Tumaini Primary and High School.

You would always find Emily caring for and carrying young children around. She was interested, from quite a young age, in healthcare and childcare and it was obvious to many that Emily’s niche was to be in a caring profession.

Our shy, unassuming young girl has become a knowledgeable, confident young lady. Emily worked hard at school and passed her national exams well, but now she has even more dedication to study; she’s got her eye on her goals and you can see she absolutely loves what she’s doing. A great nurse in the making who will touch and change many people’s lives in the future!

Emily is training at the Presbyterian University of East Africa, she’s about to complete her second year and will qualify at the end of 2015/early 2016.

When she came home this week, Emily was able to identify a problem with one of her ‘brothers’ and being confident in her training, was able to ensure that he received the right treatment.

Thank you Charles and Mary for your dedication to the children in your care – their success is your success! And thank you to everyone who gave and is giving Emily the support she needs to reach for her dreams; you too are life-changers!

Well done Emily – we’re so proud of you! With your heart of compassion, your enthusiasm and determination to succeed you will change the lives of many people.

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A Time to Harvest…

Friday, September 5th, 2014

Do you remember back in June we planted carrots? Well to be more accurate Said planted them as part of his special needs education, well it’s time to harvest and the carrots are excellent – yes I had some in my supper, sooo tasty! To help Said and as part of hands on education he has been selling the carrots around school for 1/- each. He’s turning out to be quite the farmer and businessman. Great work team… Thanks Glyn 

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