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Out Of Africa (Well, Out of Tumaini really……)

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

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They asked me to write a ‘blog’ – whatever that is – but I thought I’d write a bit about Tumaini instead. Tumaini is a school, an orphanage, a village, a community, full of lovely, warm hearted people, adults and children, who, despite the hardships in their lives, are ready to sing, dance, educate and learn, serve food and serve the Lord in generous quantities topped up with enthusiastic joy. Yet I know that in their backgrounds are many tales of grief and sorrow, the loss of children, the loss of parents, the need of a job, the need of hope. But they made me welcome, gave me hugs and handshakes, helped me with my Swahili so that I can now say ‘kikombe cha chai kizuri’ – ‘a nice cup of tea’ and other useful English phrases, – and they beat me 21 – 4 at table tennis – and I can play ‘Cheat’ in Swahili too now – the children taught me.

So, to the Askaris who looked after us all so well and were always ready for a friendly chat, to Juma who looked after me so well and was always ready for a friendly chat, to Mary and Charles and the children who fed me, and to all the people from whom I learned so much in 3 weeks, I want to say thank you and I hope you learned just a little bit from me too, even if it was only English Grammar! I will miss you all so much!

Love from Jan – (Mad English lady with camera, table tennis teacher to the under 7′s (anybody else beat the suruali (pants) off me.) and volunteer English teacher.)

Oh and P.S. If you want to know anything – from how the shower works, to the Swahili for WD40 – just ask Juma – he’ll know.

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Any Questions?

Saturday, May 17th, 2014

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Everyone has questions about the things they see happening everyday . The problem with ‘grown ups’ is that we stop asking, and sometimes we even stop wondering, we just accept that things are that way without wondering why.

I, personally, LOVE questions! Especially ones that have many different possible answers! And that’s why I love children. Children still wonder, children still ask, they always want to know why! And that’s amazing!

And questions are so important. When we take everything we hear or see as ‘fact’ then we can go no further than that. But when we ask questions and search for answers, that’s when we can go further and discover more.

So this week we have started an after school club for children to ask all the questions they have! And for us to try our best to find answers for them!

Most of the questions asked are about religion, children exploring their faith, seeing if what their parents believe is or can be true for them.

It is amazing to be able to facilitate a time for children to just explore life and be inquisitive! I think my bible is going to become even more well ‘thumbed’ and google is going to become my best friend in this quest to answer some very mind blowing, interesting and funny questions without just saying “because that’s the way it is!” but I know we will have a lot of fun doing it!

Thanks Xx Helen

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