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Graduation Day

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

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On the 29th of June 2012, as I sat at the graduation square and the scene of my past was unfolding before my eyes, I cried tears of joy. On this particular day I was graduating for my first degree, Bachelor of Education. I thought of the days when I had to stay home while my friends went to school to learn. I had no hope for a better life as my parents were not able to pay my school fees. Our living standards were very low; footing to school on an empty stomach was very difficult for me. I was ashamed to bring my friends (from primary school) home because it was pathetic as it was thatched and leaking. The pupils in the school came from well off families and so I was afraid they would tease me.

Thanks to my parents who constantly reminded me of the value of prayer and “Strong belief in God”, I prayed that God would enable me to finish my primary education level, but He had greater plans than that. So he answered my prayer in 2000 when I met Glyn and Jane that’s when I was in standard 6.

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Glyn and Jane brought a gleam of hope in my life as I felt that I could still be who I wanted to be through working hard in school. I passed my exams and joined one of the best high schools in my area. Thanks to my sponsors Vic and Viv who through Glyn and Jane made it possible for me to finish high school. It was tough in high school. At times I performed so poorly that my hope to go to university died. God was faithful. I prayed and worked extra hard and my final results were promising a chance in the university. As I waited for my admission at the university, I worked for Glyn and Jane as an untrained teacher at the primary level to earn a living for my personal needs while in college.

During my second year I worked at Tumaini high school as an undergraduate and am now working as a graduate. Through this process to where I am, I give glory to God. My heartfelt gratitude goes to Vic & Viv, Martin & Mary, Glyn & Jane for their social and financial support, to my parents for their support as their son and mostly to God who enables all of us. My past always gives me strength to work hard for a better life.

For those who think that what is ahead of them is difficult, just pray, work hard and remain faithful to God, because he answers our prayers at the right time and have in mind that with God all things are possible. God has blessed me through Education for Life.

Written by William Osaleh BEd

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