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Loving Africa!

Sunday, October 30th, 2011

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What an experience our first week has been at Tumaini.  We’ve seen this vision from it’s outset as members of our church back in the UK, yet never experienced the reality. Having seen progress from photos and videos to feel the heat, and actually be on location brings everything to life. Glyn and Jane broke us in gently to the culture, sharing hospitality at their home before moving to the lovely apartment at the school.

It’s just awesome and very life changing.  From our first steps into the school and home we experienced hospitality and warmth from both the children and staff alike that far exceeds that from any other. Against a backdrop of adversity, poverty and deprivation, our hearts are hugely humbled by the abundance of love, joy and trust given by the children in particular.  It really puts into perspective the true concerns of life!

We are keeping busy assisting where possible. There are so many opportunities to get involved at Tumaini.  Our intention was to bring what skills we have from home to impart where needed into the running of the school. Our combined experience  of Financial Services and Human Resources, although contrasting and different to UK practices, can at least be applied and adapted to benefit the staff and children.

Along side this, working with the nursery school children is a fantastic experience, singing nursery rhymes and songs like ‘row, row, row your boat’ and ‘heads, shoulders, knees and toes’, they love the actions and sang the songs perfectly in tune. In fact they remember these songs so well that they come up to us days later and sing them to us – truly wonderful and melts our hearts a thousand times over.

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Richard attempted to cut the Football pitch with a slasher and regrets not bringing a petrol strimmer to do the job (something that needs to be added to the wish list!) and has now conceded that the local professionals do a much better job!

We are enjoying working in the Kitchen with pans big enough to bath in! Preparing food with the team of dedicated cooks and experiencing this vital provision for all the students and wider community children.

It was Nelly’s birthday on Tuesday, and although she thought she could outwit us, she got a real soaking, first from Richard, then John who trapped her on the apartment balcony with a large bucket of water.  She got soaked British style but enjoyed every minute!

This school and everything associated with it is evidence of faith in action and God’s faithful provision. It’s so encouraging to see the amazing work of the school and the way in which Jane and Glyn are blessed in their dedicated service to God. Their accomplishment through God is a true inspiration to all.

God Bless everyone at the school and home,

Richard and Clare Tucker (Christchurch, Doncaster)

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I’ve lost my Bottle!!

Friday, October 21st, 2011

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Last Saturday we were able to enjoy the delights of Diani beach, a lovely lunch and a swim in the sea. It was just as well we chose that day to have as our day off because on Sunday it started raining. Kenyan rain does not know when to stop; the only thing we didn’t bring was rain coats! Linda was able to make some out of plastic bin liners and they have served us well all week.

09-Oct-2011 17:09, Canon Canon PowerShot SD780 IS, 3.2, 5.9mm, 0.125 sec, ISO 800

Sunday school church was a lot of fun, Kenyans know how to sing and dance! Chrissie is in her element! It is wonderful to see so many brothers and sisters in Christ praising God.

Monday arrived and we wondered if we would ever be able to complete all the tasks we needed to. Mel still goes into the cupboard regularly and manages to re-appear! She has sorted out so many clothes and now has gone into villages, identified needs and has returned with some of the team, giving out clothing to families.

14-Oct-2011 07:50, Canon Canon EOS 7D, 5.0, 20.0mm, 0.02 sec, ISO 400

Lesley is actually a walking chemist shop! Any ailments are soon dealt with and the villagers are now benefiting from her experience. Shelley has continued teaching various primary classes and was even asked to teach a double maths lesson on capacity at 15 seconds notice (she is still struggling with Swahili though). Chrissie has been busy with the special needs children; she has made loads of resources and has been kept very busy. She does however make sure that we gather round our table at regular intervals. Linda has been working on a special project making re-usable sanitary towels for the local village women, (who says God doesn’t have a sense of humour). She has become great friends with the guys in the tailoring room and has had long discussions regarding English football. At the time of writing this we are preparing to go on a 2 day safari with the wonderful Austin. We are looking forward to seeing all of our family and friends in TW very soon. Until then,

God Bless from the Mombasa women, Mel, Chrissie, Shelley Lesley and Linda.

p.s We found the coffee but our problem now is that we keep losing our water bottles; hence the phrase ‘I’ve lost my bottle’ can be heard regularly.

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It’s in the other bag!

Friday, October 14th, 2011

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After a somewhat ‘chequered check-in’, too much luggage, copious prayers being said, (in both the airport and back in Southborough) and a long flight, we are finally here at Tumaini Timbwani School, Mombasa. It was so good to be met by Glyn and Jane (how the luggage managed to fit in the mini-bus – A MIRACLE). It did not take us long to settle in, it was finding our own belongings due to the amount that was swapped around at Gatwick airport that was the problem. Our first evening was spent getting acquainted with the lovely Charles and Mary and the children at the orphanage who made us so welcome.

14-Oct-2011 07:39, Canon Canon EOS 7D, 4.5, 18.0mm, 0.005 sec, ISO 200

The first morning we were awoken at 5am by a cockerel with laryngitis. We then went our separate ways to help with various aspects of school life. And since then it has been busy busy busy. Five Different women bringing different types of experience and gifts to a tiny corner of Africa. Lesley has been able to use her medical knowledge to help different people here, Mel’s organisational capabilities know no bounds (we wondered if she and Lesley were ever going to re-appear from the store cupboard) Shelley has thrown herself into teaching primary classes, even managing to assist in a science lesson taught in Swahili! Chrissie is helping to support four children with special needs though she requires eyes in the back of her head as the children are fascinated by the backpack that she carries with her. Linda has been helping with the nursery in the mornings and sewing in the afternoons (in fact anyone who can sew back in England, boy She has a project for you!)

14-Oct-2011 07:38, Canon Canon EOS 7D, 4.5, 24.0mm, 0.004 sec, ISO 200

Wednesday evening back in the orphanage playing the most riotous game of snap known (seriously worried about the competitiveness among a couple in our group). We’ve been able to go to the local village and read a bible study with the women, how precious was that! Our first few days have been tiring, but blessed.

Sending our love and prayers to you all,

Mel, Lesley, Shelley, Chrissie and Linda, Southborough Ladies Team Ministry.

p.s must try and locate Shelley’s coffee; it must be in the other bag!

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Coastal Clean Up Day

Friday, October 7th, 2011

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All year long, organizations and individuals across the globe take part in Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Clean up to remove trash and debris from the world’s beaches and waterways, identify the sources of that debris, and change the behaviour that enables it to reach the ocean in the first place.

Each September, hundreds of thousands of volunteers from countries all over the world spend a day picking up everything from cigarette butts and food wrappers, to lost fishing nets and major appliances. Because trash travels to the ocean by way of storm drains and waterways, they don’t just work along ocean beaches; these dedicated folks slog through mud and sand along lakes, streams, and rivers, too, often working far inland.

01-Oct-2011 07:13, Canon Canon EOS 7D, 4.5, 16.0mm, 0.001 sec, ISO 100

With several of the other local schools Tumaini set out with a group of students from both primary and high school and went into the centre of Likoni to help tidy the streets for the residents. Large piles of dust and litter go uncollected in the streets of Likoni, but as part of the school’s outreach into the local community they volunteered to help make Likoni a better place to live and work.

“Remember take it home – don’t throw it!”

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