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Alive with Technical Training

Friday, February 18th, 2011

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On Tuesday 15th February technical training classes began at Tumaini High School. We’re starting with what we have, which is the expertise of Jim for mechanics, Kai for plumbing, George for electronics and Mtavi for carpentry (sign writing will also be added later).

The training is initially being run as an after school club, but the plan is to incorporate technical training into the examinable subjects of the school; as the provision is there in the syllabus for K.C.S.E. in most of these subjects.

There has been a request by some students for tailoring to be added and we also plan to include housekeeping as we have the expertise within our members of staff.

KRC 701 is a very familiar registration plate to many of our longer serving members of staff at Tumaini – it’s our old Landrover, which has been off the road for several years; until yesterday!!!!! Jim and Mwinyi worked hard to check out the engine, the clutch and the wheels and yesterday afternoon the old car roared into life again (well almost)! KRC 701 is happy to be of service to our mechanics club and members of staff are happy to see her alive again. Xx Glyn & Jane

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Walking – Teddies!

Friday, February 11th, 2011

What a great week! We set out on our sponsored “Virtual Kili Climb” – a 12km walk. Walking in the bush, at temperatures pushing 40 degrees in the sun was quite a challenge. All walkers were given a banana and an egg as they set off and there was a plentiful supply of fresh water at each kilometre stage post. The climb was a great success on the day and we hope to raise some much needed money for our new library.

Our Nursery children were especially happy as on their return they were each given an individually hand made teddy. Thanks to Angel Bear International we were able to give out over 100 teddies, please have a look at their website

We are really excited about the many projects that will be happening this year and look forward to updating you each week.

Thanks Xx Glyn, Jane & Maureen

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