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New Water Taps

Monday, August 24th, 2009
Hi, just in case you thought we had a relaxed time during the school holidays! Thanks to a generous donation we have been able to undertake some much needed maintenance work. Our previous fresh water bowser had completely rusted through and was leaking very badly so our Fundis (maintenance team) came up with this ingenious idea. Drinking water is now automatically pumped from an underground tank into the new 1,000 litre tank with 4 new taps. This should provide a much more hygienic way for children to get a drink. Kai and Omar are busy building another larger tank for the feeding programme to make it easier for the ladies to get water. The project is still underway as the finished base for the water tank will be clad with Galana Stone and the water tap surround will be tiled. Thanks Xx Glyn & Jane

Marking Day!

Friday, August 14th, 2009
At the beginning of July George planted his Sukuma Wiki (Curly Kale) seedlings, he has cared for his crop each day with regluar watering and weeding, until it was ready to harvest. Jane cooked up a wonderful mix of Sukuma Wiki and vegetables to have with our meal, it was a real treat. We now have to wait for the examiners to give their grades for all our Agriculture students, but if the taste test is anything to go by they should all get Grade “A”. Well done! Xx Glyn & Jane

National Music Festival

Saturday, August 8th, 2009
This year the Final of the Annual National Music Festival was held at the Aga Khan School in Mombasa, out of the hundreds of schools that entered, 14 qualified for the finals. Tumaini Primary Boys Choir qualified for the final, singing a set piece about riding on a donkey in Quebec, most of our students have never seen a donkey or know where Quebec is! They practiced and practiced until even we knew all the words to the song. On the day they gave an outstanding performance and scored 87%, which gave them 3rd place overall. We are really proud of them, Tumaini Primary Boys Choir is officially one of the best choirs in the country, especially as 2nd place scored 88% and 1st place scored 89%. Well done boys and especially Joel our Choir Master who put so much effort in. Lets make it 1st place next year! Thanks Xx Glyn & Jane