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Sports & Fun Day

Thursday, June 26th, 2008
Last week was Sports & Fun Day, the whole school from Nursery to High get involved, what about staff you ask? Yes they are fully involved in all the games, more about staff vs students later!
So Nursery started with a Banana race, lots of shouting and jumping up & down, I’m not sure what happened to our little boys banana!
Kenyans love to run, and today was no exception! You can almost hear the excitement as they cross the finish line. So onto Staff vs Students, football was a resounding victory for the students both primary and high school boys beat the staff! However, basketball was where the real action was and a nail biting game over 4 quarters ended in a Staff victory 25-21 points and season tally of 3 matches to 1. Well done guys!

Rain, rain, rain!!!

Friday, June 20th, 2008
Wow! What a wet week, the guttering was working to full capacity and amazingly our Africa water tank was completely full in 2 days! It’s quite a contraption, but it works, well done Kai and the team! The result as well as much needed water was a beautiful rainbow over the school.
Today is our Term II sports and fun day, we are hoping for a dry day so that all can enjoy. The match of the day will be High School Boys vs Staff at Basketball, so far it’s 2 games to 1 to Staff, and last time we only beat them by 1 point!

I can see!

Thursday, June 12th, 2008
Said is 5 years old and has been with us at Tumaini since January ’07. He had very little sight and therefore struggled to learn with other children who are able to see. Around two months ago, following tests, our Special Needs teacher Mr Kibe was told that Said could undergo an operation to gain some sight and that as he is below 7 years of age, there’s a good chance of success. The operation took place last week and Said is now recovering. The surgeon made a hole in the lens of both eyes to allow light to pass through to the retina. Said is able to see more than he could see before and he has a check up on 26th June. Please pray that his eyes heal quickly and that Said gains good sight.

Orange or Grey?

Friday, June 6th, 2008
If only it were that easy? What am I talking about? Guttering, what else would be so complicated! As you can see the guttering is a lovely shade of Orange, looks OK until you discover the connecting pieces are grey! Watch this space for next weeks photos.
The window frames are coming on nicely, thanks to our tailors who seem to have had their space well and truly encroached upon!
To save costs we are working with our own fundis (maintenance team), the progress is a little slower but will ensure we come within our budget.
Thanks once again for supporting us through difficult times, inflation is now running at 31.5%, which is making it difficult to plan ahead.