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Blossom before Spring!

Friday, February 29th, 2008
It’s looks like Janey was right, the walls have now been painted and it looks fantastic!

The windows have been varnished, that’s George adding the finishing touches and the notice boards are in place. So next week we start tiling the floor, then apply the final coat of paint to the blackboard and move our Form 4 Students in.

It’s been amazing how our team have pulled together to complete this classroom in a realtively short time. Well done guys, and Elizabeth!
News hot of the press, we have just received a shipment of 14 Computers, donated by Tonbridge School in Kent, more details to follow as we unpack the boxes. Asante Sana!

Ladders & Ceilings!

Friday, February 22nd, 2008
As another week draws to a close, we have some interesting photos to share with you. The ceiling is now almost complete, what took the time I hear you ask? Well we had to make the ladders first, as you can see no expense spared! The walls have had their first coat of paint, as we wait for the coloured paint to be mixed and transported from Nairobi, can you believe it, there’s no coloured Weatherguard paint in Mombasa!!! The external walls and veranda have now been plastered so it’s all looking very nice.

Next week we will finish the ceiling, fix the notice boards and then paint with the lovely “blossom” Weathguard specially mixed in Nairobi paint! We will then be ready to tile the floors and move our Form 4 Students in. Thanks Xx Glyn & Jane

Window to the World!

Saturday, February 16th, 2008
Hi from Mombasa again, we have had another great week and as you can see have made good progress. The window frames are in, walls plastered and even the blackboard has had a first coat of paint (more amazing than you might think cos the paint takes 4 days to dry and needs a couple of coats, so you’ve guessed, it’s normally the last job! So you have a fully completed class that you can’t write on the blackboard, not this time!)
We’ve ordered paint, Jane’s input “Blossom” inside and “Sandstone” outside, I’m assured it will look lovely! Before we paint we have to put up celings and notice boards, so you may have to wait an extra week to see the final out come. Floor tiles are on order so we are looking for a 2 week completion for this first stage. Next week is a crucial time here in Kenya as the reconciliation talks enter what is hoped to be the final stage. Top level meetings will be held on Monday and we pray for good out come. Thanks for taking the time to be involved with our work here, and have a great and blessed week. Xx Glyn & Jane

More Blue!

Saturday, February 9th, 2008

Wow! What a week, we started early Monday with a radical new truss design (thank’s Mr. Rob). Our team of fundi’s (joiners) said “It won’t work!” What they meant is we’ve never done one like this before. As you can see it worked, looks good would use less iron sheets!

So we set about buying 100 iron sheets, it was good to get my sales head on again and go out bargaining, it took all Thursday morning but the deal was done and the sheets were delivered. As you can see it’s looking good. The windows have been made to measure and are being delivered today ready for an early start on Monday. Once the windows and door are set we will start plastering inside, messy but fun! Thanks again for being part of this exciting project.

New Year New Term

Saturday, February 2nd, 2008

We have started Term I, 2008 with some exciting news! Yes we have received our permanent registration certificate for Primary School. Most children have now reported back to school.

High School now has a full complement of students, which means we are in desperate need of extra classrooms. To date we have managed to get 4 classrooms up to roof level, and plan to fully complete one classroom and move Form 4 students in as soon as possible. We will then need further funding to complete the final 3 classrooms. Can you help?