This week we have been really blessed to receive a donation of Fire Fighting equipment to the school. Thanks to Cheryl Robinson from Nebraska, USA who asked Marc & Alex from RainMan to make all the arrangements. This realeased funds that had been set aside for this to be used for other needs. The excitement mounted as we could see the water pumping through the red fire hose, then suddenly water shot out under amazing pressure. The RainMan will pump 300 ltrs of water per minute, that’s a lot of water! Certainly enough to give a few hundred kids a good soaking! We certainly had a lot of fun learning how to use our new pump, if you would like to see some more photos and see if it’s possible to knock a coconut out of a tree follow the link
On a more serious note we are really thankful to all those that have helped us to bring some security and piece of mind to Timbwani as there is no Fire Engine in our area! Xx Glyn & Jane