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There are many things to celebrate in the life of Tumaini.  Life here is busy and many lives are changed by all that happens here daily.  The great thing about Education for Life is that it is not just about what happens here day to day.  The charity work in Timbwani couldn’t continue without the faithful prayers and provision of many churches and individuals across the world.  Glyn, Jane and Maureen have worked hard over the years to invest in relationships with partnering churches and maintain good communication with them.

One place they have regularly visited is St Luke’s in West Bridgford, Nottingham.  Many people at St Luke’s have been impacted by what they have heard which has inspired them to pray regularly and give sacrificially to support the work of Education for Life.  It was a special time this week when 7 people from St Luke’s were here together, in fact all were from the same small group!  St Luke’s has been doing a lot of teaching and learning about mission as we explore God’s call together. There have been various visits from St Luke’s over the years which have been very significant and really helped more people to be excited about what God is doing here.

The 7 of us felt called to be at Tumaini and have loved seeing first hand all that happens here – it really is remarkable!  The Blakeley family came in January and are really enjoying life here.  Sam has been here since February and has been busy with a few projects with the maintenance team and office staff.  Johnny is volunteering here for 2 months working on promotional material.  Ruth came for a week and was immediately at home immersing herself in life here.

So for those of you reading this who are not here in Timbwani we want to say a massive thank you.  Thank you for your faithful prayers.  Thank you for taking the time to read our blogs.  Thank you for all you give financially and for your ongoing support of the work here.  Please know that what you are doing is so appreciated and making a big impact here.

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