As we arrived at Tumaini School, it was a Saturday and from the moment we walked into this family, we were welcomed as part of it. We have been shown nothing but love, respect and kindness from all that are part of the great work that is going on here.

Out of the group, nobody really knew exactly what they should expect or to what extent we would be worked, though we can safely say we were kept very busy throughout our time in the school – and we all are very grateful we could be busy and serve as much as we have done. It’s wonderful to have come to Tumaini and give them a little of what we have, even though we have so little to offer, it still makes a big difference.

23-Mar-2012 14:27, NIKON CORPORATION NIKON D40, 6.3, 55.0mm, 0.006 sec, ISO 200

Whilst we have been here we have done several things…

  1. Taught in various classes
  2. Preached to the students
  3. Done some practical building work
  4. Given shoes in another school
  5. Walked around the village talking to and praying for people
  6. Got involved with the sports and keep fit

We have come at the hottest time of year over here but this hasn’t bothered us too much. A few times the heat does get to you and the nights can be a bit sticky (particularly in the Jiwe) which has no movement of air in a fairly small room) but it’s all part of the experience. We haven’t come out here to live in flush conditions and take it easy, that’s not what mission is. We came wanting to embrace the African way of living and be part of it.

It has also been great to do some practical work/manual labour. We built a wooden frame to be used as a shelter for firewood. Although it’s not going to change the world by building one shelter, it was good for us to see an instant output from something we had done. Nice to know we haven’t just come and said things to people that might help in the short term, but leave something that will be of practical use for a long time to come. And the whole group got involved in it which is also good, to know that every person contributed.

22-Mar-2012 12:43, NIKON CORPORATION NIKON D40, 8.0, 55.0mm, 0.004 sec, ISO 200

The school has been very adaptable in fitting us in and has changed plans to get us involved throughout the week. It was great to take all the older students and teach and preach on difficult issues that many of them are currently tackling: peer pressure, self-esteem, motivation and general counseling. We as a group also want to make a personal thank you to Dave Garrard who has led us and has been an incredible inspiration to us all as a team and I know the school children love him.

To summarise, our time here has been incredible. Tumaini will not be forgotten by us and we do class all of them as family. We would also like to say a massive thanks to Glyn & Jane and John, Lynda & the boys. They really are doing a great work out there and they aren’t business partners or our bosses, but they are our friends. They have done nothing but help and support us and get us as involved as possible and we can’t thank them enough.

God is doing an amazing work here and it’s good to have come and served and seen that God is working. Tumaini will be in our prayers and so will the children, staff and that all that happens here will glorify the name of Jesus. Thank you so much for having us and letting us be part of the family.

Jake, Ben, Sam, Kudzai, Rachel, Nastassia and Dave (Mattersey Bible College)

18-Mar-2012 09:05, FUJIFILM FinePix S2950, 10.0, 20.2mm, 0.009 sec, ISO 64