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After returning from a week in Tumaini I was very pleased to be offered the chance to participate in this week’s blog. After arriving without any luggage we were still very keen to make the most of our time with the wonderful people here. Meeting up with old friends and marvelling at the groundbreaking changes which have happened since our last visit. The quality in the finished Stepping Stone building is amazing! And it is so nice to see so many people moved in and settled.

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Our week was mainly spent in the nursery class and out with the workmen working on a new toilet block, after all sitting around isn’t exactly our style. Tom and I were keen to join up with the other workmen as early as possible and were determined to last as long as possible, after stepping out the door and being hit with a wave of heat! You could only imagine the heat 12 feet down digging a well, working at reaching sea water, and there was still another 18 feet to go.

Although this took up most of our time, we welcomed the break of a weekend which gave us a great opportunity to break down a few barriers and get to know people a bit better, we were lucky enough to be invited to the beach. Spending the whole day away from the school, introducing them to some games from home and seeing the enjoyment on their faces was one of the most rewarding moments of the whole week.

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Heading to church on a Sunday was a bit of a new experience for myself and Tom, we were amazed at the passion and enthusiasm of all the people who atteneded… and there was a lot! Gathering together after felt very special seeing children with their mothers and fathers was something we had not seen a lot of. This year we were lucky enough to visit Charles and Mary who invited us to stay for tea. Sat round the table with the 22 children and the two parents you truly do get to understand just how lucky these children have been, to have two caring people like Charles and Mary looking out for them, they really have been blessed.

At the end of our week we were presented with an African bracelet each, these were given to us by Dennis and Osborn and paid for out of their own wages. We were honoured that they would do such a thing but not surprised at their level of kindness. We met some truly amazing people and made some once in a lifetime friends.

Written by Christian Wilson

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