04-Feb-2031 10:16, Samsung Techwin , 6.3, 6.6mm, 0.002 sec, ISO 80

Over the years, the feeding programme has made a huge impact in many children’s lives.  For some, lunch is their only meal of the day; for most, it’s their main source of nutrition.  The vision for feeding the hungry continues as a reality Monday to Friday every week.  Education for Life relies on donations and sponsorship to keep this feeding programme running and at times it is a real stretch to ensure that every child gets a bowl of food.

We recently began receiving a generous regular donation from a supporter who has a passion to see children nourished with a balanced diet.  This has enabled us, for the first time ever, to provide meat, vegetables and bananas for 600 hungry children! We bought 40kg of meat, 10 kg of carrots, 20 cabbages and 3 boxes of bananas to add to the rice and tomatoes which we would normally buy. This is an exciting development at Tumaini and these donations will mean that the children can enjoy this delicious meal once a month.

21-Feb-2012 12:27, Canon Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL, 4.0, 18.0mm, 0.017 sec, ISO 400

It was amazing to see the children’s faces as they realised they would be getting meat, their joy was almost uncontrolable!

Would you like to see more photos? Just follow the link to see what was needed to feed so many!


Thank you to all those who make our feeding programme possible you really are life savers!

Xx Glyn & Jane