Well we finally made it. After a term of planning and raising funds we have moved in to Tumaini. It really is a wonderful place full of many incredible people and we are so grateful to all those who have made this mission trip possible. After a couple of weeks of settling in and finding our feet we are now focused on trying to explore our roles here for the next 18 months.

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Maureen has been busy managing things here over the last 2 months and has even managed to fit in a few creative activities with the school in her last week – making paper chains, paper mache creations and even a bubbling volcano which the kids loved!!  Maureen returns to the UK for a short well deserved break and to catch up on admin in the UK office.  Glyn and Jane are back and it’s great to start thinking about how we can support them in their work here.  Even already there are many stories we could share about life at Tumaini!

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One of the amazing things that we never knew about education for life is the amount of people it helps. It employs so many people and obviously this means that for those families there is a steady income. In addition to this though people come to ask for support directly from education for life to help them get through each day. It is as though Tumaini (meaning Hope) is seen by people as a place of hope in a difficult and often hopeless situation.

10 days ago a woman came into Tumaini asking for help. She had 4 children, a husband who had passed away, she herself was sick. She had nothing, no money for medicine for herself or her sick child.   She had no money for food so she and her children had literally not eaten for three days. This also meant that the children could not attend school because of feeling so ill and weak. Through Education for Life this person was helped.  After many years of this charities existence there are daily reminders that it was begun to feed the children.  It is heartening to see that this vision has not been lost and the value of feeding the hungry makes such an incredible impact here.  One of the guiding principles is that of long term help. If this ladies kids can stay in school, they can later find employment. This will be another family helped and another family with restored hope.

We have only been here a few weeks and we can see God’s blessing radiate through this place.  It is amazing to think of the scale of God’s blessing too. Yes the feeding program, schools, children’s home are all amazing, clear evidence of God’s hand on this place. But equally as amazing is the fact that one person helped shows God’s amazing provision in that one instance. This lady was changed physically by the actions of this charity.  We were changed spiritually by witnessing such desperation and later gratitude. The kids are healthy now and so is this lady. The kids are back in school. With God there is always hope.

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Recently the youth led a great church service with youth preaching, leading the singing and even dancing!  What a joyful and inspiring experience of worshipping God.  Maureen had really wanted to take the youth for a treat after the service and had prayed that God would provide money to do so.  Before we came to Kenya Mikey and David wanted to do something at their home church (St Luke’s Nottingham) to raise money to bring a gift to the children at Tumaini. St Luke’s were very generous so Lynda was chatting with Maureen about the best thing to use this money for.  Maureen was delighted that God had answered her prayer so 35 youth enjoyed chips, sausage and a soda after church.  They also heard the story of how God had answered prayers across the world to provide such a treat for them.     Xx John and Lynda

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