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Last Saturday we were able to enjoy the delights of Diani beach, a lovely lunch and a swim in the sea. It was just as well we chose that day to have as our day off because on Sunday it started raining. Kenyan rain does not know when to stop; the only thing we didn’t bring was rain coats! Linda was able to make some out of plastic bin liners and they have served us well all week.

09-Oct-2011 17:09, Canon Canon PowerShot SD780 IS, 3.2, 5.9mm, 0.125 sec, ISO 800

Sunday school church was a lot of fun, Kenyans know how to sing and dance! Chrissie is in her element! It is wonderful to see so many brothers and sisters in Christ praising God.

Monday arrived and we wondered if we would ever be able to complete all the tasks we needed to. Mel still goes into the cupboard regularly and manages to re-appear! She has sorted out so many clothes and now has gone into villages, identified needs and has returned with some of the team, giving out clothing to families.

14-Oct-2011 07:50, Canon Canon EOS 7D, 5.0, 20.0mm, 0.02 sec, ISO 400

Lesley is actually a walking chemist shop! Any ailments are soon dealt with and the villagers are now benefiting from her experience. Shelley has continued teaching various primary classes and was even asked to teach a double maths lesson on capacity at 15 seconds notice (she is still struggling with Swahili though). Chrissie has been busy with the special needs children; she has made loads of resources and has been kept very busy. She does however make sure that we gather round our table at regular intervals. Linda has been working on a special project making re-usable sanitary towels for the local village women, (who says God doesn’t have a sense of humour). She has become great friends with the guys in the tailoring room and has had long discussions regarding English football. At the time of writing this we are preparing to go on a 2 day safari with the wonderful Austin. We are looking forward to seeing all of our family and friends in TW very soon. Until then,

God Bless from the Mombasa women, Mel, Chrissie, Shelley Lesley and Linda.

p.s We found the coffee but our problem now is that we keep losing our water bottles; hence the phrase ‘I’ve lost my bottle’ can be heard regularly.

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