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After a somewhat ‘chequered check-in’, too much luggage, copious prayers being said, (in both the airport and back in Southborough) and a long flight, we are finally here at Tumaini Timbwani School, Mombasa. It was so good to be met by Glyn and Jane (how the luggage managed to fit in the mini-bus – A MIRACLE). It did not take us long to settle in, it was finding our own belongings due to the amount that was swapped around at Gatwick airport that was the problem. Our first evening was spent getting acquainted with the lovely Charles and Mary and the children at the orphanage who made us so welcome.

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The first morning we were awoken at 5am by a cockerel with laryngitis. We then went our separate ways to help with various aspects of school life. And since then it has been busy busy busy. Five Different women bringing different types of experience and gifts to a tiny corner of Africa. Lesley has been able to use her medical knowledge to help different people here, Mel’s organisational capabilities know no bounds (we wondered if she and Lesley were ever going to re-appear from the store cupboard) Shelley has thrown herself into teaching primary classes, even managing to assist in a science lesson taught in Swahili! Chrissie is helping to support four children with special needs though she requires eyes in the back of her head as the children are fascinated by the backpack that she carries with her. Linda has been helping with the nursery in the mornings and sewing in the afternoons (in fact anyone who can sew back in England, boy She has a project for you!)

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Wednesday evening back in the orphanage playing the most riotous game of snap known (seriously worried about the competitiveness among a couple in our group). We’ve been able to go to the local village and read a bible study with the women, how precious was that! Our first few days have been tiring, but blessed.

Sending our love and prayers to you all,

Mel, Lesley, Shelley, Chrissie and Linda, Southborough Ladies Team Ministry.

p.s must try and locate Shelley’s coffee; it must be in the other bag!

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