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Niongezee tafadhali! (Add me more please!). That’s what they say when they are not satisfied. Some of the children in our school come from home on an empty stomach; their parents can’t afford anything for breakfast.

Thank God for the sponsors who donate to the porridge programme! Giving the children a daily mug of nutritious porridge means they can focus on their studies, not on their empty stomachs.

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Vivian starts preparing the porridge at 5:30am. That’s early in the morning but she has to start preparing it at that time for it to be ready by 7:00am, for the children to take before starting their classes. She has to light a jiko (stove) that uses charcoal and it takes about ten minutes for the jiko to be ready for cooking. For it to be called porridge it has to be prepared with milk, sugar, uji wimbi (porridge flour) and water.  When the jiko is ready she puts some water in a sufuria (cooking pot) ready for boiling, and when it’s ready she puts the uji wimbi, mixed with some cold water, to the boiling water in the sufuria, and stirs it for some minutes. Next she adds the milk and stirs it until it’s ready.

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The porridge is ready; but not ready for the children because they have to take it when it’s cold, so she takes a big sufuria with cold water in it and places the sufuria with the porridge into the cold water sufuria for the porridge to cool.

Yummy!!! It’s 7:00am and the porridge is ready, the children line up for the porridge and they do love it. Mmmh! Some of them can’t get enough of it and they don’t even want to sit next to anybody when taking it. All the cups go back empty. Porridge is a healthy meal to start a day, especially for children. Thanks to you! We would also like to say a special Thank you to Second Chance Coffee Shop and all their customers in Seaford who are specifically supporting this programme. Written by Nelly Osaleh

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