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What a fantastic team effort there has been in the library this last couple of weeks! In the container from Canada there were hundreds of books of all shapes and sizes. We saw it as a mission to get all these books sorted out and put in the relevant sections so that the children could start using them.  One of the jobs was to decide which books were more important to be out and accessible. The library is such a fantastic resource and even in the holidays some children come in to do some reading and have a quiet space.  Together with the library staff, Ruth and Emily, plus a lot of other help we managed to sort, categorise and label over 2,000 books.  We were pleased to divide the shelves into fiction and reference sections and we did have enough shelf space, although more will be needed soon as there are more books to go out.

Helen celebrated her 18th birthday Kenyan style so received 8 buckets of water in their generous spirit!  Irene made her a beautiful cake which the kids upstairs happily enjoyed.  Mikey and David have loved all the evenings upstairs playing many games with the kids.  This week we have introduced the game PIT and I don’t think we have ever heard such a loud version of this game but it has created a huge amount of fun and laughter.

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We introduced a new song at church on Sunday “Our hope is in You Lord”.  The words have been timely as we have prayed for 2 members of staff who are sick in hospital.  We prayed for them and put our hope in God and have been pleased to see their health improve during the week.  Though please do pray as the hospital fees are very expensive and rising every day.

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We have been very impacted by our time at Tumaini and can’t believe that the 3 weeks are nearly over.  This is a very special place and we cannot believe the huge amount of lives that have been transformed by the work that has taken place here.  God is at work here and we pray that he will continue to bless all that happens here.

Written by John and Lynda Blakeley (St Luke’s, Nottingham)

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