What an amazing week! It started early on Saturday around 6am with over 40 men on site ready to concrete the first floor slab. It was non-stop until around 3pm. We consumed and enormous amount of sand, ballast, water and around 200 bags of cement, but by the end of the day the job was done. If you would like to see how the concrete travelled from the ground floor to the first floor check out our video by clicking here

It was then time to pray for rain so that the slab wouldn’t dry out too fast and crack, so we did, even though we’d had little rain for some weeks! It rained that evening then again around 4pm on Sunday and has rained enough every day this week to help the slab strengthen.

As you can see progress this week has been good, you can see the first floor rooms taking shape.

24-Jul-2010 09:47, FUJIFILM FinePix Z700EXR, 6.4, 6.4mm, 0.002 sec, ISO 100

Don’t forget to check on us next week to see some of the other exciting activities that are going on at Tumaini.

Thanks Xx Glyn & Jane