16-Apr-2010 11:31, FUJIFILM FinePix S200EXR, 7.1, 8.7mm, 0.003 sec, ISO 100

Despite the rain which has pounded us all week, we have made good progress.

You can start to see the shape of the building and individual rooms. We have had around 40 men working this week, it’s been busy but progress is good.

Hopefully by the end of next week we should be in a position to set out the steel reinforcement for the foundation slab and then the building will really start to take shape.

The foundations are not only a time consuming part of any project but also a costly but essential part of the project. With the funds we have raised so far we should be able to get the foundation slab complete.

Thanks again for checking in on us.

Xx Glyn & Jane

16-Apr-2010 11:29, FUJIFILM FinePix S200EXR, 6.4, 7.1mm, 0.005 sec, ISO 100