Hi from Mombasa again, we have had another great week and as you can see have made good progress. The window frames are in, walls plastered and even the blackboard has had a first coat of paint (more amazing than you might think cos the paint takes 4 days to dry and needs a couple of coats, so you’ve guessed, it’s normally the last job! So you have a fully completed class that you can’t write on the blackboard, not this time!)
We’ve ordered paint, Jane’s input “Blossom” inside and “Sandstone” outside, I’m assured it will look lovely! Before we paint we have to put up celings and notice boards, so you may have to wait an extra week to see the final out come. Floor tiles are on order so we are looking for a 2 week completion for this first stage. Next week is a crucial time here in Kenya as the reconciliation talks enter what is hoped to be the final stage. Top level meetings will be held on Monday and we pray for good out come. Thanks for taking the time to be involved with our work here, and have a great and blessed week. Xx Glyn & Jane