25-Oct-2015 14:16, samsung SM-G361H, 2.2, 3.31mm, 0.002 sec, ISO 50

Balloons, bunting and a bit of rain! That was the start to Saturday morning for the youth committee. The 6 of us are in charge of all youth activities: our big events, youth services and fundraisers! Recently our minds have been turning to Christmas – it’s our job to plan everything Christmassy for church this year!

We have a few ideas up our sleeves but knew that we would have to have a bit of money to make some of them work – namely the church Christmas meal! (pilau, a meal of rice, meat and spices just in case any of you were picturing a roasted Turkey with cranberry sauce!)

So before our Christmas activities can take place, we needed to raise some cash! In the last 2 weeks we’ve had 2 fundraising events which have been lots of fun!

The first was our Form 4 leavers bash. The Kenyan school year runs from January to December so our students have just finished their end of secondary exams and we provided a party to help them celebrate! Loud music, sodas, sweets and lots of dancing! It was great fun and kept the young people from the other bars which may not have been so safe for them.

But Saturday was by far the best! – We had a family fun day, about 80 kids attended and quite a few parents, we had face painting, nail painting, a dance competition, a tuck shop, other games and best of all, the trampoline! Most of the children attending had never been on a trampoline before so watching them was both hilarious and heart-warming!

25-Oct-2015 14:18, samsung SM-G361H, 2.2, 3.31mm, 0.002 sec, ISO 50

A group of mums from Molly’s special needs support groups came along with their children which was lovely and really added to the day, the kids were able to have some time on the trampoline too and the mums joined in with the parent’s dance competition!

We had a great group of helpers who turned out to be a dab hand at dismantling and reassembling the trampoline as well as climbing rickety ladders to give our wedding bunting it’s second airing and much fun was had blowing up over a hundred balloons (and popping quite a few too!).

Overall, it was a wonderful day and we are very happy to say that we reached our goal for our contribution towards the meal! – Well done team and thank you for everyone who came and for those who prayed for the rain to clear!

14-Nov-2015 10:59, Panasonic DMC-S3, 3.1, 5.0mm, 0.005 sec, ISO 100

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