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Relay races are always fun to watch (and participate in) anticipation and excitement fill the air, mingled with loud cheers! Maybe you’ll think I’m about to embark on a post about sports and fun day, that’d be a fair guess… Try again…

It’s exciting to see people passing on skills and developing responsibility!

Earlier in the year we were able to give kits containing washable sanitary pads, donated to us by ‘Days for Girls’ www.daysforgirls.org to a few of our primary school girls, but yesterday we were able to give even more, totaling 69 distributed kits. There are still more to come when we can get them here from England and even more excited young ladies eagerly waiting to receive their very own kit.

Maybe you’re wondering ‘OK, why the link with relay races?’

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The first time we got the girls together to talk about ‘periods’ and adolescence, the session was led by three of us and we discussed many things, prompted by so many questions. Then, after receiving some kits from Days for Girls we got a group of fifteen girls from upper primary together, who we knew would greatly benefit from receiving the kits. There were a lot of happy smiles and words of thanks to the wonderful people who had made these kits for them. It was great!

But yesterday was really amazing! Our Deputy, Madam Florence began the session to a classroom of more than 100 primary school girls and then she handed over to four young ladies who received their kits last time. Two girls took one kit and demonstrated the uses of everything in the kit, another young girl talked about hygiene, how to keep the pads, how to soak and how to wash them and yet another girl was able to explain to her peers the importance of personal hygiene; how you can take care of yourself and the dangers you could face if you fail to look after yourself properly. It was amazing to see these young ladies sharing with their peers and each was celebrated with cheers and an enthusiastic round of applause. I was so proud of them!

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Thank you ‘Days for Girls’, to all who give, to all who sew and pay for postage and to Madam Florence and our amazing team of teachers; your dedication is changing the future for so many young ladies. We know so many women who struggle with infection due to lack of proper care; as well as keeping girls in school, you’re raising a generation of healthy, happy, educated young women, ready to face their world!

God bless you and thank you!

Xx Janey

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