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Parent’s Day is a great event! We enjoyed expressive poetry from Kasabi in Class 4, songs and dances from students and of course nursery graduation, which is always cute!

When we woke in the morning and saw the clouds, we wondered if it would be possible to hold the event outside but later it ‘seemed’ to clear, so we thought we were safe. We began by raising the flag and singing the national anthem, which led to a time of presentations from nursery students who sang wonderfully and recited poems so clearly in English.

Next came primary students with songs, class 4 sang with enthusiasm, assisted by their microphone bearers and class 7 gave us a real treat with an energetic dance routine. I wish I’d known it was coming, Chege did some amazing summersaults as part of the routine and Peter, some really cool dancing ;0) unfortunately I missed those moments on camera, but believe me, it was great!

The graduation followed and then prizes for achievements from nursery all the way through to high school. When the time came to give announcements to parents the clouds darkened and people looked worried and then the heavens opened. The Head Teacher of primary and Principal of high school did really well to hold it together, we were all huddled together under umbrellas, trees and covered walkways around the parade ground – it was quite cosy and a good chance to chat to a few parents who we’d not seen for ages as we huddled under umbrellas together.

I would like to say a huge thank you to all staff, teachers you’ve worked very hard and support staff you’re doing a wonderful job, together we are raising some great children. Parents, thank you for the support you give to your children and to the school and to ALL sponsors, THANK YOU! Without your continued help and support so many families would struggle to educate their children. Our children are generally healthy because of the meals they eat here and their minds are open and eager to learn.


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