13-Jun-2014 07:01, Panasonic DMC-TZ27, 3.3, 4.3mm, 0.008 sec, ISO 100

There is always something special about Tumaini fun day. It’s not just that we have a day away from normal classes or routine, it’s not just that there are sodas and sweets on sale, it’s something much more than that; it’s that the whole community of Tumaini comes together for one purpose: to have fun!

It is a beautiful thing to see people of all ages, staff from all departments, students from nursery, primary and high school, ex-students and visitors all coming together on the school field just to celebrate being a community. Tumaini is full of very different people, all with their own, often painful, stories, all from different backgrounds and all with different and valuable roles to play within this amazing community.

We had a wonderful day full of music, silly races, dancing, volleyball, laughter, table tennis, competitions and lots of fun and not forgetting staff v students’ basketball! Everyone enjoys watching the boys from high school take on their teachers and other staff members in the game of the term! The edges of the basketball court are always lined with children and adults all cheering on their team. Unfortunately this time, the students didn’t hold on to their title and the staff won with 71 points to 47!

13-Jun-2014 06:52, Panasonic DMC-TZ27, 4.0, 4.3mm, 0.005 sec, ISO 160

It really was a great day and enjoyed by all! My personal favourite part had to be the crazy race in which the contestants started off from one end of the field with a sprint to the playground, a lap of the playground, down the big red slide and across to the football goal posts, where marshmallows were dangling down on strings. Without using their hands, they had to jump and try to grab the marshmallow in their mouths! It was a lot of fun to watch!

But, if I was allowed to choose 2 favourite parts, I would have to also choose the high school boys sack race in which a couple of lads attempted to cheat by running rather than jumping, they looked like 6 foot penguins and literally fell over the finish line – hilarious!

If I were allowed endless ‘favourites’ I’m sure I could go on all day about the many great things like the roaming karaoke mic, the incredibly cute, and slightly oblivious nursery children, the gorgeous little boy who just couldn’t stop dancing all morning and so much more! But perhaps doing that would undermine the word ‘favourite’.

It was a great day and I’m sure we are already all looking forward to the next one!

Experienced & written by Helen Sherrington

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