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Everyone has something that they struggle with, maybe it’s a subject in school, or we are under confident or shy, or maybe it’s our physical ability. For one student here at Tumaini he struggles with his sight. Said is a very confident 12 year old boy, he has a severe visual impairment and other additional needs that means unfortunately he has not been able to learn to read or write. Although Said cannot read or write, he is a very bright and alert boy (nothing goes unnoticed by Said!).

This term in his extra sessions we have moved away from class work and are focusing more on physical skills he can do and achieve in.  Here in Kenya students have to pass an exam to move onto high school. Sadly, Said will physically not be able to take the exam. He only has four years left in primary school and so our aim is to give him as much work experience as possible, this will hopefully make it easier for when he starts applying for jobs.

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This term is all about agriculture. We have explored and taken apart plants, feeling and learning about the different parts and what plants need. Said now knows that plants need sunlight, oxygen, and water. Said claims that he understands that ‘too much of something is a bad thing’, I say ‘claims’ because Said repeatedly dunked the entire plant in the bucket of water… maybe he was just experimenting!

We have done all the theory and now it’s time for the practical! Today Said has helped Dennis in the greenhouse preparing his soil to plant his own carrots, he has worked really hard and got very dirty! It was nearly home time so I told Said it was time to go back to class to pick his school bag and go home. Half an hour later I get a phone call from Dennis saying “Said is back in the greenhouse, he wants to do some more work, is that okay?”

Said has really taken to his new role and it makes me so overly proud to see him achieving in something that he can do all by himself.

Thanks Xx Molly

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