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What can I say about last Saturday? It was excellent!

If you have visited Tumaini before you will have passed by Mombasa’s rubbish tip, very near to the airport.

You may have noticed the smoke rising from it or the smell as you passed by but you probably wouldn’t have noticed the families that live there. Kibarani is a very poor area of Mombasa. On one side of the main road, people live in and amongst the city’s rubbish. And on the other side, people live in a slum village; a slightly better quality of life but still miles away from what we would call a home.

This area had really caught my attention about a year and a half ago and I really wanted to do something, however small, to help the children there.

Last May myself and a group of young people from Tumaini were able to go and do a fun day in St Francis School, in the slum. It was an amazing time and we were welcomed there again last week.

We did a morning full of games, lessons, dramas and fun in a very sunny and in places very muddy field! The children had fun learning that God loves them enough to send his Son to die for them to wipe their sins away and the leaders had fun teaching it!

The best moment had to be the chant competitions. The children were split into 4 different teams and they had to think up a team name and a team chant. We then did a competition to see who could be the loudest! Wow! I think I underestimated just how loud 200 kids could be, especially when they are being encouraged by leaders who were getting so involved! At one point, after an awful lot of shouting, singing and whistling, I had managed to quiet the children down. But I couldn’t manage to quiet the leaders down at all! They were all desperate for their teams to win which the kids loved!

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We also had a great drama which was so so funny to watch! The kids were getting really involved which was just excellent!

Afterwards we had juice, biscuits, lollipops and fruit, lots of fruit! A television crew from Denmark had come along to film a bit of what we were doing as part of a show on a certain charity which has many projects, including the school at Kibarani. They left at least 30 watermelons for the kids which was just amazing! Everyone got more than enough and we were able to leave at least 20 for the schools feeding programme this week!

The day was a huge success so thank you to all the people who willingly volunteered themselves to help out, giving their time and energy to help brighten up the lives of these gorgeous children and to present Jesus to them in a way that they’ve probably never seen before! THANK YOU GUYS!!

Written by Helen Sherrington

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