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Where have we come from? When we came to Timbwani there were just 2 Nurseries (one in a wooden shelter) and unfinished Primary School. Children played in the village because they couldn’t afford to go to school. Some were 10, 11 and 12 years old and had not even been to Nursery School.

There was food for children in the village 1 day per week (Thursdays)

Then Shelly Beach Hotel closed and we lost the major source of employment and income to the village, things were looking pretty bad, but God had a plan and a plan to involve many, including you, as you are reading this!

We started by feeding 50 children on a Wednesday and from there God helped us to grow, He provided a place for children who could not go to school anywhere, provided homes and families for children who needed a loving home and people who needed a safe place to stay and employment for many needing work.

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God has been with us and made a way for us , so that we can now feed over 650 children each day and run a full education curriculum up to age 18, just because He loves us! Amazing!

This is what Helen had to say about this week:

Yesterday we had a very special celebration in school. We were celebrating Tumaini’s 10th Birthday, or ‘Tumaini @ 10’ as people called it! We had a time celebrating the fact that on the 18thFebruary 2004 Tumaini Nursery and Primary school officially opened.

10 years, when you think about it, really isn’t that long at all. I’ve been alive for 2 lots of 10 years already and it doesn’t seem that long! And yet in the last 10 years so many people’s lives have been transformed through Tumaini and in the last 10 years Tumaini has grown and grown and grown and it continues to grow and touch more and more lives with every day that goes by.

“And this was set up by 2 very ordinary people?” I hear you ask.

Well, no. No it wasn’t at all. There is no way that Glyn and Jane could achieve this, they’re amazing, yes but they’re not THAT amazing (sorry guys if you’re reading this!). Tumaini was opened and has reached 10 years because of a very faithful God. A God that loves the village of Timbwani, who loves every child and young person that attends this school, who loves each staff member and who loves them too much to see them live lives of both material and spiritual poverty. God loves these people so much that He sent Glyn and Jane, empowered them and, through their choice to be obedient every day, has blessed everything that they do abundantly.

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If you look upon Glyn and Jane and see them as being heroic, perfect, wonderful and superhuman, it’s because you are seeing God through their lives and their actions.

And that gives a lot of hope to me and it should give a lot of hope to you too! Missions has nothing to do with what we humans can achieve. It has everything to do with what God can achieve if we will be radically obedient to Him. If God is calling you to mission, both inside and outside of your home country, don’t look at yourself, your own circumstances and your own abilities to answer the question ‘can I do this?’, look at God. Is God able? Yes! So if God is sending you then it means He wants to empower you. He wants to put His power in you which will allow you to do exactly what He is asking you to do. So do it! If you are radically completely obedient to God, you cannot fail because He never fails!

So anyways, preach over! We had a lovely morning celebrating Tumaini @ 10. Each section of the school brought something they had prepared especially, we had a great talk from Jane, we praised God and we planted a tree. It was great! Oh and, how could I forget?! We had ‘special lunch’ (Hassan and Dennis kept reminding us about special lunch! They were so excited!) – for those of you who don’t know; special lunch is one lunch a month in school where they serve rice, meat stew, cabbage and a banana – a HUGE and very tasty treat!

Thanks Helen!  And thank you all for being with us and sharing with us as Tumaini celebrates 10 years and looks ahead to many more…

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