19-Jul-2013 20:18, PENTAX PENTAX K-30 , 4.5, 17.0mm, 0.025 sec, ISO 6400

When Liz and Robert visited Education for Life last year with their two teenage sons Zach and Rupert, they were so impressed by the work that the charity was carrying out that they spoke to Beth and Peter who, with their two children, had visited a few years previously, and came up with a “Rock Your Socks Off” Music event.   Not only was this a chance to raise money for charity but it had the added benefit of being able to promote the various bands of talented (mainly!) youngsters and provide a really fun evening for many of our friends.

Fortunately Zach and Rupert (who is a music student and has lots of music student friends!)  had 3 bands between them, and Peter had another one. They invited 2 other teenage acoustic sets and the date was set. The event was held in our friends Max and Chris’ barn on a hot summer’s night. There was a bar, BBQ, fantastic music and 200 guests of all ages. There is nothing better than hot weather, live music, Pimms and a keg of beer. It was a fantastic night and to top it all, they raised over £1,000 for Education for Life, as well as raising the charity’s profile. Beth said “It took quite a bit of planning because none of us had done anything like this before, but it was a really fun evening and all worthwhile when we realised the money we had raised. When we visited Glyn and Jane, we wanted to do something to help and we do sponsor a child, but as often happens nothing came of our good intentions – until our friends came up with the idea of a charity gig. We are so pleased we did something and that our kids were so motivated to help at every stage. Friends of all ages were also really supportive.”

 Beth x

19-Jul-2013 18:49, PENTAX PENTAX K-30 , 5.6, 18.0mm, 0.025 sec, ISO 6400

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19-Jul-2013 21:47, PENTAX PENTAX K-30 , 4.5, 17.0mm, 0.01 sec, ISO 12800

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