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On Wednesday 5th June, a number of students and a couple of teachers were invited to celebrate the day with other schools at Diani Estate (a farm owned by a cement factory, investing in tree planting and other conservation initiatives)

As we were due to set off from Tumaini we had a slight confusion, we didn’t seem to have enough space for the number of children and when Madam Sarah started to count the children who’d been selected, she found that we had 2 cheeky stow-aways trying to sneak on the trip – there was a lot of excitement, but sadly they had to remain behind!

We arrived at the event and children read the banners that were being erected and enjoyed chatting with their teachers about land reclamation, which they’d been taught about in Social Studies earlier in the year.

As different stalls were being set up the children sat writing a speech about conserving energy as there were varying activities planned during the day.

The first event of the day was a 4km race and the participants were of mixed ages and abilities from primary age to secondary school age and even some adults. As they were warming up, Fundi noticed a small group of boys who looked discouraged and a little scared so, in his own style, he came along side them and got them doing star jumps to give them courage – nice one Fundi! Five Tumaini Primary students were excited to enter the race, Bryton, Brian, Lee, Saumu and Mwaka. (Mr Gitonga also started with them to encourage them; he then came to join us in cheering them on at the finish line)   

Bryton Sosmo finished in 4th place overall, and a clear 1st in primary students – Well Done Bryton! Bryan came in next – Great job Bryan and then Lee, Saumu and Mwaka – Well Done! You guys and girls must be fit!

After the race there were dancers in colourful traditional costumes, poems, speeches and exhibition stands to enjoy.

Everybody was excited and enjoyed a wonderful day of fun! 

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