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After years of wanting to visit Tumaini I have finally made it! It has been a privilege to be part of this community that is so generous, full of love and hope. There hasn’t been a day since I arrived that I haven’t been overwhelmed with the culture of generosity. It ranges from paying for hospital bills for a cancer patient to the monthly support of those making their first steps after leaving the kids home, to the Cooking Mamas sharing some of their lunch with Jacqui, Beth and myself.

This generous attitude is coupled with the challenge of making people less dependent on foreign aid and more self-dependent. This will be a continual journey and will take courage and responsibility from everybody involved to make it happen. But it is so wonderful to see this journey well on the way.

The sense of together-ness and family blows your mind away. Last week we had the honour of joining the teacher’s prayer meeting held at Maureen’s house. Glyn, Jane and Maureen are the people that steer the vision of Tumaini and give the energy in starting up projects here, but there are so many people like this prayer group that are the glue that hold Tumaini together.

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The vastness of the project is impossible to comprehend. I don’t think after two weeks I know everything that is done here, but here are a list of projects I am aware of Children’s Home, Feeding Programme, Nursery, Primary School & High School, Jiwe (Stepping Stones), Coffee Shop, Health Care, Church, Mission Care Houses, Tomato growing project, Water Project, Compassion in Action, Tailoring, Kids Club!

And I am sure I have missed some.

With God all things are possible
Jesus Christ is Lord of Tumaini
The Holy Spirit has anointed us to proclaim freedom from sin, sickness and satan
This community will make God’s Name famous in our world.

This week’s blog was written by Rachel Field from the Hub Central, Rotherham, with photos by Helen Sherrington.

Thanks guys

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