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Hot, dry weather and growing tomatoes doesn’t usually go together over here but thanks to the genius of Amiran and their partners our tomatoes are doing amazingly well! Planted from seed just 10 weeks ago, we’re so close to harvesting now – our mouths are watering to sample the first fruits! I’m sure Mr Patrick, Dennis and Martin will get the first 3, they certainly deserve it after all their hard work.

In the photos you can see Dennis spraying the flowers with `Fruit setting solution.’ He has to do this as soon as the flowers appear, or the tomatoes won’t grow – this is specifically necessary for tomatoes growing in a greenhouse here at the coast. Mr Patrick and Martin are continuing the huge task of pruning and tying up the branches; the plants are now officially above head height – Glyn’s head height that is – still a pretty good achievement!

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Elsewhere in Tumaini life goes on – new toilets are getting their finishing touches and the Form 4 class in High School are sitting their final examinations. They are very happy because this week they’ve done all the maths papers; it’s a huge weight off their minds. As they complete their exams, a group of 8 young people, living in the children’s home are making their plans for the next phase of their lives – they’ll be starting a new, independent life and some have even been offered the opportunity of a work placement in a hotel in Mombasa for the first couple of months next year, that’s really exciting.

Please pray for our Form 4 students as they step into these final few weeks at school, life as they know it is going to change massively, there’s excitement, apprehension, intrigue and uncertainty – pray that they will make wise choices as they step out into a whole new world!

Have a great week and thanks for checking in on us

Xx Glyn & Jane

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