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WOW! What a week!

This morning it felt CHilly (with a capital CH) After breakfast, we had an appointment to officially meet the Chief and two Sub-Chiefs of the area to chat about future plans and share ideas about partnership. We were very warmly received in the office and the meeting was constructive and very encouraging. We talked about the Share a Cow project; growing strong Napier grass and developing existing irrigation. As they are also farmers, they had some excellent ideas and were extremely supportive.

Another area we discussed was supporting the local children in their education. There is a huge need for assistance in the nursery schools. Many nursery teachers are earning £30 per month and some even less; resources are scarce and children walk a long way, up very steep hills to reach their schools early in the morning (often through the thick mist on the hills). The Administration were very happy to hear that the Share a Cow project has already started and offered their support and help as we establish a new partnership!

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After the meeting, we set off  to visit Sylvester, Agnellah and their family to be introduced to our newest addition. Our second cow is called “Iwi,” (pronounced “Ibvi” – have a bit of fun and try to say it!) it means “Second.” She looks wonderful and is almost ready to give birth, which will be great news for Sylvester and his family. Not only will she replace the milk yield they’d lost with the cow who had died a day after giving birth; she’ll also become a mama to the sweet, orphaned calf who we’ve grown to love! Sylvester’s family are very excited about this new project and his sons are hard working guys who are already planning ahead. We talked through the partnership agreement together and sealed the deal with a delicious meal of Mseto (rice and beans).

So now it’s time to head back to Mombasa, until next month when we will visit our first born calf and hopefully help another family with a cow, as we seem to be getting a lot of requests to join the project.

We hope you have enjoyed reading our diary over the last few days, so the question now is how can you get involved?

We have already blessed two families with a Dorcas and an Iwi, would you like to help us bless more families? Join our “Share a Cow” project and give a cow a name! Your gift could change the fortunes of a whole family and impact a community!

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