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Walking, visiting, praying, learning, thinking, planning… describes much of what we’ve been doing this week and particularly today. After breakfast we visited Ronald and Agnellah’s neighbours. Passing one home, Ronald explained that the mama is a nursery teacher who is paid very little and she’s a single mum of three children. Mama works very hard, the children are very young and although home is their little haven, it’s difficult to live with a polythene sheet for a roof in the temperature of the hills and the damp, misty conditions.

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Another elderly mama we visited is over 90 years and lives alone on the top of a hill; she struggles to stand upright but still works very hard as a farmer in her shamba (farm land) she’d planted maize, ready for the rain. This mama is called Patience and as she happily welcomed us to her home we tried to imagine what life is like for her! Patience is a happy mama and she’s refused to move in with her son and their family at the bottom of the hill until she’s unable to light her own fire! Stubborn, hard working, happy and patient! Makes you think…

As we climbed up and down the hills visiting each home, we were asked to pray a blessing upon their family – very humbling!

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In the afternoon we walked to Mgambonyi to experience market day – it’s a real community affair, the farmers bring their produce, some is sold here in the market and some is packed in sacks, to be collected by lorries and taken to the main market in Mombasa, 6 hours away. Agnellah Mwangoji, who we’d visited at her home on Tuesday has a stall in the market selling children’s clothes as well as other material bits and bobs to support their family.

The presence of visitors in the shopping centre caused a bit of a stir and many people greeted us happily. We had some fun with a few small children on their way home from nursery school as they cautiously came to shake our hands, then turned to run away. One little boy, shouted, “Piga Picture” and came running with two other little friends.

A community such as this has many things to teach us; we identify what is easily lost, through progress. Considering this, we continue to plan of how together we can enhance this community and give a helping hand to hard working people, meeting their challenges and putting flesh on the bones of what is already in their hearts and in their hands!

A change of plan meant that we didn’t meet Cow No.2 in her new home today as Sylvester was building a new shelter for the cow. He’s asked us to visit tomorrow when we’ll see her settled in her new home, ready for the birth of her calf.

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