Education for Life is a UK Reg. Charity No. 1078088, working in Mombasa, Kenya; shining the light of Jesus by providing employment for local people; feeding and educating children; providing homes for orphaned and abandoned children and families in need of a helping hand and reaching out to the community through the local church. Our goal is to pursue unity, giving staff and students the opportunity to love, appreciate, respect and understand one another throughout their daily routines; challenging cultural beliefs and practices and learning to walk together as we study God’s word together.

Education for Life’s vision is founded on the Christian faith and operates according to Christian principles. Everyone involved with Education for Life is given the opportunity to learn more about the Christian faith.

Charity Objects

  1. The advancement of the Christian Faith
  2. The advancement of education, in particular but not exclusively, of children and young people
  3. For such other charitable purpose or purposes for the benefit of the inhabitants of the local communities in Mombasa, Kenya